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Dr. Senft Is A Wonderful Chiropractor
By detroitdolly - Aug 12, 2011
Dr. Senft is a wonderful chiropractorwho has increased my mobility. I am active and I like to work out, but yet, I can be stiff. generally I am sitting at a desk during the day, and sometimes i am at my computer at night and it makes my upper back and neck like a board. when I first began seeing Dr. Senft my body did not 'crack' very much on adjustments, but now it's snap, crackle and pop! I can now turn my head from side to side without pain and I am much more flexible. I highly recommend Dr. senft! p.s. he's friendly and funny, too!

My First Experience

By CassandAllie - May 5, 2010
Is a RN in the medical field I was very skeptical, however after steriod injections and no relief I went to Dr Senft. He was actually referred by a Emory Ortho and Spine MD who stated give him a couple of months and if no relief come back for poss surgery. Well that was 2 1/2 yrs ago and I have never been back to the back surgeon. Not only has he relieved my back pain , when I had TMJ he took care of that too. He became the new love of my life after relieving my chronic back pain

By jcorrish - Apr 19, 2010
The Best, I have been using Dr. Senft for over 6 years and am impressed every time I step foot in the office. The professionalism and care at Dr. Senft office is second to none. I started using chiropractic care 15 years ago due to a sports injury never really staying with the same chiropractor. When I moved to Atlanta 7years ago I had minor back pain and some numbness in my right arm, this was something that I had dealt with for years and assumed it would always be that way I had seen other Dr's but nothing really worked. After being in ATL for a year and not seeing the chiropractor my body was telling me it was time. I had more numbness then usual and I was having terrible back pain. I went to Dr. Senft office after someone recommended him; after two or three sessions my back pain had completely gone away and after one or two more sessions the numbness in my right are went away as well. Not only did the pain go away but it has not come back. People ask me if I would recommend them, I tell them that I travel 40 minutes to get there and pass by at least 10 other chiropractors on the way. If you know me then you know and you go. Thank you Dr Senft for all the pain free years and thank you to your staff for always calling me by my first name when I walk in and making me feel at home. Ill see you soon. Jonathan C

Migraine Headaches
By jen.bailey - Apr 5, 2010
By: J. Bailey - I started seeing Dr. Senft in 2004 because I was having migraine headaches at least three or four times a month. After having treatment, I have been migraine free for almost six years now! I also always love coming in the office and talking to Dee Dee, who is so friendly and always makes me feel welcome. Dr. Senft is a great chiropractor! I would recommend him to anyone.

Professional, Systematic, Courteous
By WOCFAN - Dec 7, 2009
By: T Brown - Dr. Senft and his assistant, Dee Dee are a great team, in that they are very professional, systematic and courteous. I am intrigued that their system never changes. They are always polite; the atmosphere is very calming, but friendly and they use the same system everyday. I really love their professionalism and their respect for using the time of others wisely. In other words, there is never a long wait. I am not surprised that Dr. Senft always has a sign-in sheet with a long list of clients names with strike-throughs near the end-of-day when we arrive. It is obvious that all of his clients love the services that are offered; we sure do, (my daughter and I). We are experiencing a significant difference in our areas of pain. He is seasoned in his occupation. This was definitely a good choice on our part in choosing him as our chiropractor, and by the way, he was recommended to us by one of his patients.

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