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Atlanta SpineMany people don't realize that there is such as thing as spine health and they can disregard early warning signs like minor back pain, neck pain, or headaches as a minor annoyance. The truth is that your spine is literally the center of your body and if your center is off, the rest of your body and health will be off too.

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The illustration below is a cliff note version of the condition of the spine that can be the reason for your pain and other health problems.

By understanding what a chiropractor evaluates your spine for it will be helpful to decide why to choose chiropractic care as way to help you.

Simply said:

The third bone from the top is the SUBLUXATED vertebra which is a spinal bone that is out of alignment or is not moving as it should. This can cause three primary conditions:

  1. PAIN - PINCHED NERVES CAN CAUSE YOU PAIN. Neck Pain, Mid Back Pain, Low Back Pain, Head Ache Pain, Arm/Leg Pain.
  2. POTENTIAL HEALTH PROBLEMS - PINCHED NERVES CAN CAUSE POTENTIAL HEALTH PROBLEMS.- Pressure on nerves can have a potential effect on organs of the body.
  3. DEGENERATION OF YOUR SPINAL JOINTS - When spinal joints are not functioning or jammed for many years spinal joints break down. Symptoms may not be present at this time.


By Craig Senft

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